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Categorical Exclusion for the City of Sunnyvale’s Cleanwater Program Phase 2 Project

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The Cleanwater Program Phase 2 project is a rehabilitation project of the Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), which includes the following components: 1) Treatment Facility Rehabilitation: rehabilitation of the WPCP's existing secondary and tertiary treatment facilities. Major elements of the rehabilitation work include: • Reline and/or replace influent pipelines up to 48-inch diameter that convey raw sewage to the WPCP; • Reline the 66-inch-diameter primary effluent pipeline that conveys primary wastewater to the oxidation ponds; • Rehabilitate two of three 92-foot-diameter fixed growth reactors (FGRs) that nitrify wastewater after the oxidation ponds; • Rehabilitate two of four 60-foot-diameter air flotation tanks (AFTs) that remove algae and other suspended solids produced during secondary treatment; • Replace equipment in the four 960-square-foot dual media filters (DMFs) that remove suspended solids from the final effluent; • Repair concrete, replace mechanical equipment, and seismically strengthen the four chlorine contact tanks (CCTs) that disinfect the wastewater prior to discharge or reuse. 2) New Secondary and Bio-solids Treatment Facilities: construction of new secondary and solids handling treatment facilities project, including new conventional activated sludge treatment facilities, a maintenance building, a thickening and dewatering facility, a floodwall, a standby generator and fuel tank, and electrical and piping improvements; 3) New Support Facilities: reconstruction of support facilities necessary to operate the plant, including a new administration and laboratory Building; 4) Facility Demolition: The existing primary sedimentation basins, maintenance shop, administration building, and primary control building would be demolished.

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Ashley Longrie

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WIFIA NEPA CATEX Review Form_Sunnyvale_102620.fs.pdf (4 pp, 332 K)