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Categorical Exclusion For the City of Tacoma Central Treatment Plant Electrical Distribution System Replacement Project

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The project will repair, replace, and rehabilitate the entire 15 kilovolt (kV) Medium Voltage (MV) electrical distribution system at the Central Treatment Plant in the City of Tacoma, Washington. It will build over 3,000 lineal feet of concrete encased reinforced duct bank, install over 20 miles of electrical cables, construct a 3,400 square foot building for protecting and operating the new electrical equipment, and install a new 15-kV switchgear comprised of 41 circuit breakers. Some of the existing reinforced concrete duct banks will be reused, but all the MV feeder cables will be replaced. This project will also modify the local electric utility's transmission overhead lines and support poles.

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Alaina McCurdy

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Tacoma NEPA CATEX_042720.pdf (5 pp, 358 K)