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Categorical Exclusion For the Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin (RTB)

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The Saddle Creek RTB Project will serve CSO 205, the only CSO in the Saddle Creek Basin, which has a drainage area of approximately 3,550 acres. This facility will provide treatment of combined sewer overflows prior to being released into the Little Papillion Creek (which ultimately discharges to the Missouri River). This project began with planning and design activities in April 2011 and is proposed to be constructed at 64th and Dupont Streets in Omaha, Nebraska. The RTB will be an underground structure where combined sewage is held during wet weather events and treated (i.e., settling tank for removal of solids, disinfection, and dechlorination) before being discharged to Little Papillion Creek. Following the event, the contents of the RTB that are not discharged to Little Papillion Creek will be pumped into the existing sanitary sewer system for conveyance to the Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, where it will receive further treatment. Above ground improvements include a building to house controls, equipment, and chemicals, and a pump station building housing dewatering pumps and associated controls.

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Alejandro Escobar

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Omaha Categorical Exclusion 23APR2018 Signed.pdf (5 pp, 1,869 K)