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ADOPTION - California High-Speed Train: Merced to Fresno Section

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U.S. Department of Transportation's Surface Transportation Board (STB) has adopted the Federal Railroad Administration's FEIS # 20120118 filed 04/18/2012. The STB was not a cooperating agency for the above FEIS. Recirculation of the document is necessary under Section 1506.3(b) of the CEQ Regulations.

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Surface Transportation Board

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David Navecky

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As of October 2018, EPA discontinued the use of ratings for Draft EISs.

EIS Document(s):

0.00S MF Summary EIS.pdf (77 pp, 3,038 K)

03.03 MF AirQuality EIS.pdf (79 pp, 5,496 K)

03.02 MF Transportation EIS.pdf (161 pp, 9,815 K)

03.01 MF Intro to Chapter 3 EIS.pdf (8 pp, 1,192 K)

02.0 MF Alternatives EIS.pdf (107 pp, 47,939 K)

0.000 Cover and Signature Page.pdf (6 pp, 5,568 K)

0.001 Fact Sheet.pdf (3 pp, 168 K)

0.002 Preface.pdf (4 pp, 168 K)

0.003 Table of Contents.pdf (34 pp, 320 K)

01.0 MF Purpose and Need EIS.pdf (30 pp, 3,888 K)

STB Notice of Final EIS Adoption and Recirculation.pdf (4 pp, 21 K)