Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Database

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Final Supplement No. 2 to the 1982 Yazoo Area Pump Project Final EIS

EIS Number


Document Type

Second Final Supplemental

Federal Register Date


EIS Comment Due/ Review Period Date


Amended Notice Date

Amended Notice

Supplemental Information

Issuance of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS:

2020-04-16 00:00:00.0

EPA Comment Letter Date

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Lead Agency

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Contact Name

Sara Thames

Contact Phone


Rating (if Draft EIS)

As of October 2018, EPA discontinued the use of ratings for Draft EISs.

EIS Document(s):

APPENDIX A (List of Preparers) (04Dec20).pdf (4 pp, 808 K)

APPENDIX B (Figures) (04Dec20).pdf (17 pp, 2,113 K)

APPENDIX C (Tables) (04Dec20).pdf (16 pp, 403 K)

APPENDIX F-1 (EJ) (04Dec20).pdf (17 pp, 1,836 K)

APPENDIX F-2 (Cultural Resurces) (04Dec20).pdf (176 pp, 5,356 K)

APPENDIX F-3 (Recreation) (04Dec20).pdf (27 pp, 3,834 K)

APPENDIX F-4 (HTRW) (04Dec20).pdf (40 pp, 16,071 K)

APPENDIX F-5 (Wetlands) (04Dec20).pdf (109 pp, 3,370 K)

APPENDIX F-6 (Terrestrial) (04Dec20).pdf (27 pp, 668 K)

APPENDIX F-7 (Waterfowl) (04Dec20).pdf (28 pp, 2,749 K)

APPENDIX F-8 (Aquatic Resources) (04Dec20).pdf (191 pp, 4,819 K)

APPENDIX G (Engineering Report) (04Dec20).pdf (276 pp, 18,322 K)

APPENDIX H (TES and MBTA) (04Dec20).pdf (217 pp, 11,825 K)

APPENDIX I (Water Quality) (04Dec20).pdf (64 pp, 4,869 K)

Appendix J (Mitigation) (04Dec20).pdf (27 pp, 693 K)

APPENDIX K (Monitoring Adaptive Management) (04Dec20).pdf (57 pp, 3,564 K)

APPENDIX L (404(b)(1)) (04Dec20).pdf (43 pp, 4,991 K)

APPENDIX M-1 (Prime and Unique Farmland) (04Dec20).pdf (4 pp, 194 K)

Yazoo_Backwater_Project_FSEIS_No._2 (04Dec20).pdf (92 pp, 1,883 K)

Part 1 APPENDIX E (Public Comment) (04Dec20).pdf (32 pp, 1,371 K)

Part 2 APPENDIX E (Public Comment) (04Dec20).pdf (500 pp, 25,398 K)

Part 3 APPENDIX E (Public Comment) (04Dec20).pdf (375 pp, 50,569 K)

Part 4 APPENDIX E (Public Comment) (04Dec20).pdf (27 pp, 1,316 K)

Appendix M-2 (CAR) (04Dec20).pdf (34 pp, 1,241 K)

Appendix J Attachment #1 planting plan.pdf (4 pp, 122 K)